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THEOplayer Ads support implementation.

content-monetisation advertising ads



With this Add-On you will have an array of features that allow you to take total control over your online video content’s advertisement environment. We implement the following IAB specifications: Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST), Digital Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP). On top of the IAB suite, THEOplayer comes with additional tools to improve advertisement efficiency, e.g. Adblock Detection.

This Add-On comes with full support of VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 support. It will support you on engaging with your viewers and letting them tailor their own ad experience with:

  • Clickable, interactive overlays and banners.
  • Skippable and smooth ads.
  • Ads that reflect your viewers preferences.
  • Seamless ads on mobile and desktop in HTML5.
  • This Add-On also includes adblock detection, to ensure your ads reach all users on all devices and platforms.







What is an Ads API?

Our Ads API gives you control over the online video content’s advertisements, as well as improving their efficiency.


Why should I implement an Ads API?

While giving you full control and flexibility over the advertisements for your video content, the Ads API helps you maximize monetization opportunities, enhance engagement with the viewer, increase usability and visibility. 


How do I enable or activate the Ads API that comes as a feature(-flag) with THEOplayer?

You can implement the Ads API by logging onto THEOportal, and adding the Ads API to your player, via the configuration section in Player Information. Once activated, the API is exposed for you to integrate with your advertising platform. Please note: once you've activated the API feature in THEOportal, you will still need to ensure your advertising solution is using this API in the correct manner. 


What are the benefits of having an Ads API in my video player?

In addition to the above, the Ads API allows you to reduce your add error rate, track events, add timers, create dynamic ad scheduling, show ads that reflect your viewers' preferences, and provides ad-block detection. 

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