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We are continually updating and including new additions to our range of THEOplayer Add Ons.

Cache (Offline Playback)

Pre-caching content and Offline Playback support.

api api-extension offline-playback
Cache (Offline Playback)



This Add-On provides developers a way to observe how much of the player is visible.

Key advantage of using this integration:

  • Enables users to pre-cache (parts of) a given source, which can then be immediately played from cache during playback. This approach drastically reduces startup times, removes download delays and can serve as a guard for viewer experience over flaky connections.


API Extensions

Version Supported

From version 2.26.0 onward.


HTML5 (only pre-caching)

Android (pre-caching and offline playback)

iOS (pre-caching and offline playback)