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Cache (Offline Playback)

Pre-caching content and Offline Playback support.

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Cache (Offline Playback)



This Add-On provides developers a way to pre-cache video content.

Key advantage of using this integration:

  • Enables users to pre-cache (parts of) a given source, which can then be immediately played from cache during playback. This approach drastically reduces startup times, removes download delays and can serve as a guard for viewer experience over flaky connections.


API Extensions

Version Supported

From version 2.26.0 onward.


HTML5 (only pre-caching)

Android (pre-caching and offline playback)

iOS (pre-caching and offline playback)

What is the difference between Caching and Download and Play?

Caching allows users to progressively download their video content. By downloading only a few parts of the video, you can already play the video decreasing the video start up time. You can also select an amount of seconds to keep in cache. So, if you have no intention of watching the full video you don't have to fully download it. On unstable connections, caching might allow you to bridge an unstable moment within your connections.


‘Download and Play’ allows you to simply download content and play this downloaded content on the go (i.e. on the train/plane or in areas with bad or no connections at all) For premium content this often requires specific DRM licenses that provide the right to do this. 

What are the benefits of having Cache (Offline Playback) integrated for a video player?

Cache (Offline Playback) for your online video player allows for reduced startup times and delays, and enhances overall viewer experience.


How do I implement Cache (Offline Playback) for THEOplayer?

You can implement the Offline Playback API by simply logging onto THEOportal, and adding the Cache Add-On to your player. You do this via "configuration" in the Player Information section.

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