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HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

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HTTP Live Streaming



HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple Inc.

Advantages of using this integration:

    • All-device delivery: a common format used across HTML5 web applications. It’s support on the majority of browsers, mobile phones, and operating systems makes it a great choice for distributing streams targeting the widest possible audience.
    • Adaptive Bitrate Support (ABR): Adapts dynamically to the user’s available bandwidth.
    • Multi-video and audio tracks: Delivering the complexity of a DVD or Blu-ray experience, Adaptive BitRate (ABR) support, with multiple synchronized video and audio options.
    • Efficient ad insertion: server-based (SSAI) and client-based (CSAI) targeted ad-insertion.
    • Ease of integration: HLS will work on almost any HTTP server with no requirement to invest in new vendor-specific ecosystems.

Note: Standard HLS is known to have a fairly high latency. Apple’s LL-HLS tries to address this in a way that puts additional requirements on current end-to-end video delivery infrastructure, whereas this is not the case with CMAF-CTE based delivery with DASH.


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