Class CachingParameters.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • CachingParameters.Builder

    • Method Detail

      • amount

         CachingParameters.Builder amount(@Nullable() String amount)

        Sets the amount of data to cache for the given stream. Possible formats:

        • A number in seconds.
        • A percentage string (XX%) for a proportion of the content duration.

        Default: "100%"

        amount - The amount of data to cache, in seconds or percentage string (XX%).
      • expirationDate

         CachingParameters.Builder expirationDate(@Nullable() Date expirationDate)

        Sets the expiration date of the cached data.

        • Must be a date in the future.

        Default: 30 minutes after starting the caching task.

        expirationDate - The expiration date of the cached data.
      • bandwidth

         CachingParameters.Builder bandwidth(@Nullable() Long bandwidth)

        Sets the upper bandwidth limit of the quality to cache.

        • This will take the quality with the highest bandwidth that is lower than the specified bandwidth.
        • It should be a value between one and MAX_VALUE or null.
        • In case the value is null, it defaults to the highest bandwidth possible.
        bandwidth - The bandwidth between one and MAX_VALUE or null.