Interface TextTrack

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    public interface TextTrack
     implements Track

    Represents a text track of a media resource.

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      • getKind

         abstract String getKind()

        The kind of the text track.


        • 'subtitles': The track contains subtitles.
        • 'captions': The track contains closed captions, a translation of the dialogue and sound effects.
        • 'descriptions': The track contains descriptions, a textual description of the video.
        • 'chapters': The track contains chapter titles.
        • 'metadata': The track contains metadata. This track will not serve display purposes.

        The kind of the text track. (Nullable)

      • getSource

        @Nullable() abstract String getSource()

        The source of the text track.


        The text track's source. (Nullable)

      • isForced

         abstract boolean isForced()

        Indicates whether the track contains Forced Narrative cues. This may only be true for subtitle tracks where:

        • For DASH: the corresponding AdaptationSet contains a child Role with its value attribute equal to `'forced_subtitle'`.
        • For HLS: the corresponding #EXT-X-MEDIA tag contains the attributes TYPE=SUBTITLES and FORCED=YES (not supported yet).

        Whether the text track is forced.