Class SourceDescription

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    public class SourceDescription

    A Source Description.

    • This contains the settings to be applied for a source.
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      • getSources

        @NonNull() List<TypedSource> getSources()

        List of TypedSources that represent the available sources in this SourceDescription.

        • The first element of the list will initially be used as the player’s source.
        • When that source is unavailable, the player will fall back to the other elements of this list.

        Unmodifiable list of the TypedSources which are contained in this SourceDescription. (NonNull)

      • getAds

        @NonNull() List<AdDescription> getAds()

        List of AdDescriptions of the source.

        • All valid and supported advertisement files will be cued for playback in the player following the provided advertisement specification.
        • Each ad in the list should be described as an AdDescription.

        Unmodifiable list of the AdDescriptions which are contained in this SourceDescription. (NonNull)

      • getPoster

        @Nullable() String getPoster()

        The poster image url of this source description. (Nullable)

        • A placeholder for the content between the time that the content has loaded and the user presses play.
      • getTimeServer

        @Nullable() String getTimeServer()

        Returns the URL of the time server. (Nullable)

        • The time server should return time in ISO-8601 format.
        • Applies for all sources.