THEOplayer: Content Monetization Done Right

THEOplayer, our leading adaptive HTML5 video player capable of playback via HLS or MPEG-DASH, allows you to avoid the main drawbacks of the classic client-side video advertising solutions through SSAI (server-side ad insertion).

At the same time, it gives you the flexibility to use either whenever you need to, so you can maximize your revenue generation.


Client-Side Video Advertising

  • Pre-, mid- or post-roll ads added in the viewer client
  • Technologies: VAST 3.0/VPAID 2.0, Google IMA, VMAP
  • Adblocking  (can be bypassed but not without degrading the viewer experience)
  • Analytics in the ad-serving platform (e.g. Doubleclick or OpenX)
  • Personalization possible, depends on your provider
Server-Side Video Advertising
  • Ads are "woven" into the content by the server
  • No adblocking
  • Undisrupted viewer experience (no buffering problems)
  • More personalized
  • Analytics
  • We work with Yospace

HTML5 Ads with VAST 3.0, VMAP , VPAID 2.0 and Google IMA:

  • Pre-Rolls
  • Overlay banner
  • Mid-Rolls
  • Post-Rolls
  • Companion ad

THEOplayer serves them all.

In addition, we fully support Server-Side Ad Insertion and are fully compatible with Yospace. Find out more about this collaboration.

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It's Time to Get Serious About Video Ads

IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) reports the following figures about online advertising:

  • 2016: $15.9 billion online advertisement
  • Online video advertising 8% will exceed $5 billion for the first time
  • The online video industry is booming and will get more crowded over time - now is the time to act and stand out from the rest

THEOplayer Advantages

  • Stream on all platforms with a single, award-winning video player
  • Seamless playback in HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Works without plugins, fully HTML5-based
  • Personalized customer support
  • We support platforms such as Doubleclick or Freewheel
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