THEOplayer: an HLS Video Player for Business

Originally implemented by Apple, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is now the set standard for streaming content online. HLS is an adaptive streaming communications protocol. It can distribute both live and on-demand files and is the sole technology available on Apple devices. The stream is loaded onto an HTTP server with the file extension .M3U8.

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THEOplayer Advantages

  • Stream on all platforms with one video player
  • Without plugins, fully HTML5-based
  • Personalized customer support
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Multiple screens

Adaptive Streaming in HLS

Dynamically adjust playback quality to match:

  • Device screen size
  • Network connections

Optimal experience for your viewers.
Lowering bandwith cost for all parties


HLS THEOplayer Demo

You can test your own stream using our video player in the demo area

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THEOplayer for HLS and MPEG-DASH

We support both protocols with a single player.


  • Fast response times
  • Outstanding experience for viewers
  • Buffering guarantee
  • AES-128 encryption


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