Going big screen: Bringing video to LG webOS

How to bring the best viewing experience to LG webOS

Key takeaways


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Streaming is gaining ground over traditional viewing is something we’ve heard before. The big screen is the undisputed leader is another one of those quotes. In 2018, streaming on the big screen was however limited to about one-third of the total viewing time according to Conviva.
By 2019, this percentage had increased to 55%. So what do the latest 2020 numbers say? About 75% of all viewing happens on the big screen. When we look at the devices with the most growth, there is no way around smart TVs which grew by more than 200% during the last two consecutive years, allowing them to gain ground on other connected tv devices such as Fire TV and Roku, which grew only 55% (slightly below the 57% average across platforms).
In this guide, we will continue with the second-largest brand: LG and its webOS platform, which accounts for half of that, ranking at 3.3%.