Going big screen: bringing video to Samsung Tizen

How to bring the best viewing experience to Tizen OS? 


Key takeaways


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As recent as the last few years, online streaming has evolved tremendously. Initially, most of the streaming happened on desktop devices, but today that is not the case. Today, video streaming is conquering the big screen (Smart TVs).
Without a doubt, one of the most notable big screens is Samsung with the Tizen operating system. Based on Conviva’s State of Streaming from 2020 Q4, Samsung accounts for roughly 49% of streaming on Smart TV, leaving other vendors such as LG (±22%) and Vizio (±12%) in the rearview. Due to the growing popularity, and almost 50M smart Samsung Smart TVs being shipped every year, interest to deploy OTT apps directly on Samsung Smart TVs has risen significantly.

While deploying an OTT app on the Tizen operating system is far from complex, there are a number of caveats. In this guide, we will go through the possible approaches to deliver apps and getting video playback, as well as shed some light on how to tackle the large set of different devices and the problem with different Tizen versions.