How offline mode looks in THEOplayer

Offer your content on the go

THEOplayer’s offline playback allows your viewers to download and play content offline. At a distant location? On your offline commute? Your viewers will enjoy the same outstanding video quality wherever they are.

How offline playback mode works in THEOplayer

Available on desktop, progressive web apps and native app SDKs

The caching API will download the manifest file and the required media segments for one specific quality (the highest). Content will be downloaded into the database of your browser or your device. Offline playback is as such supported on desktop, as a progressive web app and within native app SDKs. (check out the Cache API reference)

Be protected in any device or platform with the full universe of DRM partners of THEOplayer

Compatible with your DRM requirements

Together with the video content, THEOplayer downloads the required offline DRM license to protect your video from being pirated.