Peter Chave from Akamai


Peter Chave from Akamai stopped by to answer a few questions with THEO’s Pieter Liefooghe at IBC Amsterdam 2019. Peter is the Principal Architect at Akamai, a front runner in CDN services, providing media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions.

When it comes to latency, it all boils down to a number, but what should that number be?

In our interview Peter discusses the demand for OTT experiences and traditional broadcasting experiences to be the same. From a consumer standpoint, viewers get the feeling that broadcasts are “live,” when in reality what they are watching is five seconds in the past. Will there come a time where traditional broadcasting and OTT experiences line up?

Key takeaways:

  • Chunked transfer encoding in respect to latency.

  • Disparity in experiences due to latency.

  • Players determining latency vs. latency determined to players.

To hear more from Peter Chave about these key takeaways, check out the video below from our School of Streaming.


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