Demo THEOplayer

AdBlock detection

This page demonstrates how you can handle adblockers.


Block THEOplayer from playing the content and/or show custom behavior

We noticed you are probably using an adblocker.
Please turn it off if you want to enjoy our content.


JavaScript code:

// set player
var element = document.querySelector('#video-container'),
    player = new THEOplayer.Player(element, {
        libraryLocation : ''

// add an eventlistener to get custom behavior if there is an ad error'aderror', function (event) {
    // do something

// set the player source with ads and the blockContentIfAdError property
player.source = {
    sources: {
        src: ''
    ads: [{
        sources: ''    
    // set this to true if you want to block the content
    // default value is false
    blockContentIfAdError: true

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