The challenges to bring video to Tizen & LG webOS

THEO’s CTO, Pieter-Jan Speelmans, discusses the challenges and lessons learned in providing reliable playback, content protection and advertisement support for Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TVs.


  • Pieter-Jan Speelmans
    Founder and CTO of THEO Technologies
THEO Digital event - Tizen_Hexagon

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As lean back viewing experience makes a comeback in the video services industry, video operators are now expected by viewers to provide support for Smart TV platforms. Holding more than half of the global Smart TV market share, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS have proven themselves to be the two of the most popular Smart TV operating systems. However, with multiple OS, firmware, and build versions, how can one ensure a reliable and high quality video playback experience?

In this talk, Pieter-Jan Speelmans, a Founder and the CTO of THEO Technologies reviews the different challenges when it comes to providing smooth video experiences for Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TVs and will compare the different approaches which are available: leveraging the native video player or using a bring your own video player approach, bringing some insights in the impact of different OS versions on features and capabilities inside Tizen and WebOS apps.

In this webinar Johan Vounckx, VP of Innovation at THEO, explores the current best practices both for OTT services and traditional Broadcast TV. Johan shares THEO’s vision on a converged solution serving both markets with the same infrastructure and bringing the best of both worlds together, revolutionising the way video content is delivered and consumed. He will also indicate which components of that vision are already available today and identify the gaps that still need to be covered.


Pieter-Jan Speelmans - Hexagon


CTO, THEO Technologies