HESP Alliance & Real-life HESP Use Case


Next-generation online video experiences in your solutions through the HESP Alliance.

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Speakers: Samie Beheydt, Principal Engineer at Synamedia and a Director of the HESP Alliance; Bart van Oosterhout, HESP Program Director at THEO and Chair of the HESP Alliance External Communications Working Group.

Some of the things covered:

  • Introduction to the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP).
  • HESP Alliance objectives and governance.
  • Real life HESP use case.



Samie Beheydt - Hexagon
Samie Beheydt

Principal Engineer at Synamedia

Director of the HESP Alliance

Bart Van Oosterhout - Hexagon
Bart van Oosterhout

HESP Program Director at THEO 

Chair of the HESP Alliance External Communications Working Group


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The HESP Alliance brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to standardize, advance, promote and commercialise the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), a video streaming protocol that provides superior quality of experience at reduced cost. 

In this webinar HESP will be compared to other streaming protocols in terms of latency, bandwidth, scalability, zapping time and adaptive bitrate (ABR) functionality. Examples will be given, and the discussion navigates how HESP delivers true broadcast like video streaming experiences.  

Additionally, the HESP Alliance objectives and governance principles will be highlighted, and it will be clarified how members can benefit from and contribute to the HESP Alliance. The webinar will further focus on the first HESP solutions which will be brought to market and a timeline for proof of concepts will be shared, for operators, broadcasters and OTT service providers that would like to experience the HESP benefits first hand.

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THEO Technologies

Founded in 2012, THEO is the go-to technology partner for media companies around the world. We aim to make streaming video better than broadcast by providing a portfolio of solutions, enabling for easy delivery of exceptional video experiences across any device or platform. Our multi-award winning THEO Universal Video Player Solution, has been trusted by hundreds of leading payTV and OTT service providers, broadcasters, and publishers worldwide. As the leader of Low Latency video delivery, THEO supports LL-HLS, LL-DASH and has invented High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) - allowing for sub-second latency streaming using low bandwidth with fast-zapping. Going the extra mile, we also work to standardise metadata delivery through the invention of Enriched Media Streaming Solution (EMSS).

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