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navigateUpTo(android.content.Intent) - function in android.app.Activity
navigateUpToFromChild(android.app.Activity,android.content.Intent) - function in android.app.Activity
NETWORK - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.error.ErrorCategory

This category clusters all errors related to the network.

Network - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.network
The network stack used for all HTTP requests made by the player.
NETWORK_ERROR - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.error.ErrorCode

An error related to network has been detected.

NETWORK_TIMEOUT - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.error.ErrorCode

The network has timed out.

networkConfiguration(com.theoplayer.android.api.player.NetworkConfiguration) - function in com.theoplayer.android.api.THEOplayerConfig.Builder
Sets the retry configuration for the player.
NetworkConfiguration - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.player
NetworkConfiguration is an object containing values used for the player's retry mechanisms.
NetworkConfiguration.Builder - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.player.NetworkConfiguration
The builder for the retry configuration.
NoChangeBuilder - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.cache
NONE - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.player.PreloadType

The player will not load anything on source change.

NONE - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.player.track.texttrack.TextTrackReadyState

Indicates that the text track's cues have not been obtained.

NONE - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.player.track.texttrack.TextTrackType

The type of the tracks contents is unknown.

NonLinearAd - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.ads
The NonLinearAd API represents a non-linear ad in the VAST specification.
NORMAL - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.player.track.texttrack.TextTrackStyle.FontStyle
NoSupportedRepresentationFoundEvent - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.event.player
Fired when NOSUPPORTEDREPRESENTATIONFOUND occurs for the Player.
NOT_VISIBLE - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.ads.OmidFriendlyObstructionPurpose

The video overlay is transparent and will not affect viewability.

notifySubtreeAccessibilityStateChanged(android.view.View,android.view.View,int) - function in android.view.ViewGroup
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