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Version: 4.12.7


THEOplayer provides a set of feature-rich video player software development kits (SDKs). Each SDK targets a set of platforms. For example, a developer integrates the iOS SDK in their iOS app.

THEOplayer offers the following SDKs. (Clicking the link takes you to the respective getting started guide.)

  • HTML5/Tizen/webOS SDK

    • Web targets (desktop and mobile) browsers, HTML5-based smart TVs, progressive web apps, and other HTML5-based platforms.
    • webOS targets LG webOS apps.
    • Tizen targets Samsung Tizen apps.
    • Chromecast targets (custom) Chromecast apps.
  • Android/Android TV/Fire TV SDK

    • Android targets Android apps, and may be used for other Android-based platforms.
    • Android TV targets Android TV apps.
    • Fire TV targets Fire TV apps.
  • iOS/tvOS SDK

    • iOS targets iOS and iPadOS apps.
    • tvOS targets tvOS (i.e. Apple TV) apps.
  • Roku SDK

    • Roku targets Roku apps.
  • React Native SDK

Want to update an existing SDK instead? Follow this guide.