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Products to easily power high-quality online video experiences to your viewers

N°1 video playback on smart TVs

Top-notch viewer experience on all smart and connected TV platforms, including Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, Vizio, HbbTV, Android TV, Fire TV and Roku

High-quality playback

Premium content deserves a premium viewer experience. Bring your content to live with 4K and HDR.

Extensive device coverage

Empower any smart TV to deliver a flawless viewer experience. We got you covered, regardless of the model or operating system.

Seamless integrations

Proven interoperability with leading packaging, DRM and SSAI solutions, thanks to our extensive partnership network.

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Low latency live streaming

Avoid spoilers and create interactive experiences at scale through HTTP-based streaming with LL-DASH, LL-HLS and HESP

Seamless playback

Bring the same high-quality video playback to your viewers at low latency, whether you are looking for latencies on par with broadcast, or if you want to stream at sub-second latency.

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Extensive feature set

Reducing your latency does not mean reducing your features. Leverage the full power of THEOplayer with all features in low latency mode. 

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In-sync delivery

Deliver viewer experiences over OTT synchronized with broadcast, to avoid spoiler effects, independent of the device your neighbors are using.

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Interactive viewer experience

Do you have a real need for speed? Create high-quality interactive playback experiences easily, whether it's for betting, auctions, virtual events or other interactive use cases.

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What our customers are saying

"After careful examination, THEO convinced us with their wide platform coverage and comprehensive peripheral integrations with other streaming solutions. More importantly, their technical expertise and quality of support have helped guide us throughout the entire migration process.”
“After moving from open source to THEOplayer, we significantly improved our viewer experience. We've managed to reduce our buffering rate and latency dramatically. Two numbers which are key for us."
"During our discussions with THEO, we were convinced by their expertise, proven product and the solid drive for innovation. Furthermore, during implementation, we have noticed that their level of support is outstanding.”
“We believe that THEO will be a long-term partner who will be able to walk alongside us, as our business continues to grow and evolve, providing us with consistent peace of mind.”
“Thanks to the fast implementation of THEOplayer, students could view their courses on their TV in a matter of days.”
“Working with THEO’s HTML5 SDK and API, we were able to create the unique playback or live stream that coaches and players need.”
"The combination THEOlive with RemoteMeeting.fr is the best option on the market to scale up smoothly and safely to a large live audience. By using THEOlive to host virtual corporate events from hundreds to several thousands of viewers makes our client live again, even if they are not physically together. Our team is so happy to rely on a robust solution that is easy to configure and to use. The main benefit goes to our customers that are extremely satisfied with the experience and the level of interaction they get with their audience.”
“THEOplayer has done a great job seamlessly making their React Native SDK feel like a battle-tested React Native standard library. The performance of their player also exceeded our expectations, even when playing in development mode and on lesser hardware, common amongst TVs”
“THEOlive offers high-quality real-time streaming with multi-view experiences, which is perfect for live streaming multiple camera angles of concerts, in combination with fan engagement. Great support!”
Chief Technical Officer


“THEOlive works well with the Akamai CDN providing stable 700ms latency end-to-end.”
Chief Architect, Edge Technology Group


Best-in-class playback on every platform

Viewers want the best possible online viewing experience, everywhere.

Platform Support

N°1 React Native video player

Easily add video to your React Native apps. Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce effort needed for initial development and maintenance thanks to the THEOplayer React Native support.

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Watch the VOD of the Webinar 

Benefits of a commercial React Native video player vs DIY with open source

Willem De Saegher, Tom Van Laerhoven and William Van Haevre shared their experience on: 

  • The benefits of using a React Native video player.
  • Implementing the react-native-video open source library for a leading media & entertainment company.
  • Developing the THEOplayer React Native bridges for Web, Android and iOS.
  • Comparison between the two approaches.
  • How to choose the right approach for your use case.
Willem De Saegher
VP Global
Tom Van Laerhoven
Core Playback
William Van Haevre
Watch It Here
Industry-wide recognition

THEOlive wins CSI Award for Best Live OTT Technology or Service


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