High-quality and reliable real-time streaming for live dealer casino games.

High quality & reliable video

Integrate THEOlive in your online tables to get the best quality of experience for live dealer casino games available on the market today.



Up to 4K UHD

Stream your games at SD, HD, full HD or 4K UHD.



HTTP-based streaming

Reliable TCP video delivery - no frame drops nor blocking by ISPs!



Adaptative Bitrate

Built-in ABR to easily cope with changing network conditions.




Have players join your tables on their favorite PC, tablet or phone.

THEOlive drives revenue

Maximize the number of hands which can be played through sub-second latency.


Sub-second latency streaming


Real-time interaction between dealer and player


Increase in number of hands played


Growth in players and revenue

Reach any audience size

Scale your online tables to any number of players

You can count on THEOlive to easily reach any number of players, wherever they are based, and get them engaged with the dealer through real-time streaming!

iGaming - Scale to any audience size


Easily stream your online casino games to multiple customers & countries concurrently

The THEOlive multi-channel technology allows you to ingest your video once and subsequently make your real-time casino games available to multiple customers across the world. This includes customizing the look & feel for each customer and restricting the country your customers’ players can be located through geo-blocking.

 Blog post 

How live dealer casino games can achieve real-time streaming without sacrificing quality and stability for their players

Our recent blog dives into the technology behind achieving high-quality, stable streaming for an immersive iGaming experience. Read the article to learn: 

  • Streaming requirements for live dealer casino games
  • Approaches for real-time video streaming used by live dealer casino games
  • How to select the right video streaming approach for your use case
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