Playback on set-top boxes

Advanced playback solution for set-top boxes and decoders, fully tailored to your streaming service use case. 

Extensive device coverage

Reach all your viewers with THEOplayer, on any set-top box.

Superior playback experience on set-top-boxes

Ensure top-quality viewing experiences across Android TV set-top boxes, RDK and Android AOSP-powered devices

Best-in-class performance

Our lightweight player is optimized to deliver top-notch viewing experiences, even on limited hardware

Reliable and robust

Extensive automated testing in THEO's in-house device lab, ensures seamless functionality with every update.

Smooth ad transitions

THEOplayer enables a seamless experience for advertisements, whether client-side or server-side.

integrations visual transparent

Out-of-the box integrations

Accelerate your time-to-market thanks to open-source connectors with major DRM, advertising and analytics solutions

Optimized SSAI on set-top boxes

THEOplayer provides for seamless playback with ad insertion on set-top boxes, even when changing in between clear and protected content.

Discover how we have optimized SSAI on AndroidTV set-top boxes with AWS Mediatailor.


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