Playback on set-top boxes

Advanced playback solution for set-top boxes and decoders, fully tailored to your streaming service use case. 

Extensive device coverage

Reach all your viewers with THEOplayer, on any set-top box.

Optimized playback experience

The highest performance, even on limited hardware

Build from the ground-up to deliver low start times, and high quality playback with high frame rates, 4k and HDR.

Best quality of experience

Provide for the best playback quality through our in-house developed ABR algorithm, which efficiently considers multiple network parameters to swiftly and seamlessly adjust to changing viewer network conditions.

Deliver live content with low latency

Create interactive experiences and avoid spoiler effects with low latency playback through LL-HLS, LL-DASH and HESP.

With out-of-the-box integrations

Optimized SSAI on set-top boxes

THEOplayer provides for seamless playback with ad insertion on set-top boxes, even when changing in between clear and protected content.

Discover how we have optimized SSAI on AndroidTV set-top boxes with AWS Mediatailor.


Ready to provide the best viewer experience on set-top boxes?