Real-time streaming for live sports betting

Maximize your betting window and ROI without compromising on quality or scalability

THEOlive drives revenue

Premium real-time streaming experiences to maximize the betting window and viewing experience.

Real-time streaming

Maximize your betting window to take bets up until the action happens

High-quality video

Optimize viewer experiences through premium video qualities, up to 4K UHD


Get viewers in on the action, whether they are on PC, mobile or set-top boxes


Watch and Bet

Real-time streaming powers micro-betting

Sub-second latency enables in-game betting experiences for sportbooks, allowing fans to watch the game while placing bets on key events, with odds changing as the game progresses.

Easily handle flash crowds

Efficient caching through the THEOlive global POPs

THEOlive leverages the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), an HTTP-based streaming protocol which scales over standard CDNs. Easily reach any audience size, and handle flash crowds, through efficient caching in our global points of presence (POPs).

Live sports betting - flash crowds

Secure real-time sports streaming

Protect your live sports streams with geo-blocking, token-based security and DRM.



Protect your real-time sports streams with studio-approved DRM, to adhere to right holder requirements.



Easily configure the countries your viewers can watch your real-time sports streams, in line with broadcasting and distribution rights.


Token-Based Security

Implement token security at the channel alias level. Ideal when your aim is to limit stream access solely to authorized users.

What our customers and partners are saying

“When we discovered THEOlive, it was an ideal match—not just technologically for ultra-low latency, but also in terms of scalability. It leverages the existing CDN infrastructure that HLS has sat on for many years. It’s reliable and tested. We view it as the future of streaming and consider this our investment in video technology, aiming to boost sportsbooks customer experience for each game.”
“My favorite thing about THEOlive is that it’s very fast, effectively addressing our organizational challenges. It not only gives us a lot more control on the configurations but also provides comprehensive real-time viewer metrics including concurrent users, and the users’ platforms and operating systems.”
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Leveraging Ultra-Low Latency Streaming to Drive ROI in the Sports Betting Industry

Together with iGameMedia we shared experiences on:

  • Current challenges in the sports betting industry
  • How to achieve ultra-low latency streaming at scale with THEOlive
  • Live demo: How iGame ONEPlatform empowers sportsbooks and rights holders by offering ultra-low latency streaming
  • Industry implications and benefits for the sportsbook market (revenue increase)

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