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React Native OTT apps

Easily port your React Native OTT apps cross-platform with the most advanced React Native video player on the market today.

Many platforms, one React

Your OTT apps written in JavaScript – rendered with native code

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Save time and money

Experience the benefits of an advanced React Native video player

Comprehensive features

Get extensive premium features including picture-in-picture, offline playback, and more.

Ready-made integrations

Integrate easily with third-party DRM, analytics, and ads solutions.


Stream across platforms including Web, Tizen, webOS, Hisense, XBOX, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, iOS and tvOS.

High performance

Deliver premium viewer experience including low latency and smooth ad transitions.

Discover the THEOplayer React Native SDK

Discover the most advanced React Native video player on the market today, with a unified player API written in TypeScript and backed by three native THEOplayer implementations. Easily bring your OTT video apps cross-platform.

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