THEOplayer SDK

HTML5 / Tizen / webOS

A streamlined viewing experience across web, mobile web, smart TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles.

THEOplayer HTML5/Tizen/webOS SDK
vs Open Source

Accelerate time-to-market and minimize maintenance effort with THEOplayer compared to open source hls.js, dash.js, Shaka, and video.js.

Open source players
Official support for all platforms, including web-based smart TVs
Bi-weekly releases to quickly adopt the latest platforms and features
Extensive automated testing ensuring seamless functionality
Out-of-the box React Native and Flutter bridges
Ready-made open source DRM connectors for solutions such as EZDRM, BuyDRM, Verimatrix etc
Ready-made open source advertising connectors for solutions such as Google DAI, Google IMA, AWS MediaTailor etc
Ready-made open source analytics connectors for solutions such as Conviva, NPAW Youbora, Mux etc
Support from dedicated inhouse video experts
Smooth ad transitions, even on older smart TVs

Fast release cadence backed by expertise

Elevating Quality of Experience, speed and efficiency

Superior playback experience on smart TVs

Ensure top-quality viewing experiences, even on older smart TV models

Best-in-class performance

Our lightweight player is optimized to deliver top-notch viewing experiences across a variety of smart TV models and devices.

Extensive platform support

Unlike any other player in the market, THEOplayer offers support for a wide array of devices and platforms, including Tizen 2.3, WebOS 3.0, and HbbTV.

Smooth ad transitions

THEOplayer enables a seamless experience for advertisements, whether client-side or server-side.

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Watch recording

With out-of-the box integrations

Extensive features

Optimize your viewer experience and maximize overall reach thanks to THEOplayer's limitless set of features.


Offline playback

Allow your viewers to download protected and unprotected stream content for offline playback.



Let your viewers continue watching the video, even when they scroll down on the webpage. 


User interface

Leverage Open Video UI to easily build and customize your video player UI, so that you can focus on your brand.


Low Latency

Create interactive experiences and avoid spoiler effects with low latency playback through LL-HLS, LL-DASH and HESP.

What our customers are saying

"We wanted a video player partner whose core focus is on the player and all the technology around that. This way we can focus on the things that are core to us, like creating the best home of football and the best fan experience."
"After careful examination, THEO convinced us with their wide platform coverage and comprehensive peripheral integrations with other streaming solutions. More importantly, their technical expertise and quality of support have helped guide us throughout the entire migration process.”
“We believe that THEO will be a long-term partner who will be able to walk alongside us, as our business continues to grow and evolve, providing us with consistent peace of mind.”

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