High efficiency streaming

Delivering low latency, fast channel change, at scale. Our HESP-ready solutions leverage HESP to power cost-efficient interactivity at scale and a leanback TV experience over OTT through capabilities such as sub-second latency at scale, fast channel change, improved ABR, bandwidth savings and cross-platform support.

HESP benefits

HESP is an adaptive HTTP-based video streaming protocol which brings superior quality of experience for online viewers, while reducing the cost for scaling media delivery.

Sub-second latency

- Near real time interactivity.
- No spoiled user experiences.
- In sync delivery across devices.
- Interactive user experiences.

Enhanced viewer experience

- Instant zapping & seeking times.
- Full adaptative bitrate (ABR) to respond to all different kind of network conditions.

Up to 20% reduction in bandwidth and costs

- Costs saving for content distributors.
- Re-invest bandwidth saving in delivery of more and higher quality videos.

Scales over existing infrastructure

- Deliver over standard CDN's.
- Compatible with standard encoders.
- Cross-platform playback.
- DRM compatible.

Founding member of the HESP Alliance

THEO is proud to be a founding member of the HESP Alliance

The HESP Alliance brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to provide superior online video quality of experience at reduced cost through standardizing and advancing the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and marketing of HESP-ready solutions.

HESP-ready solutions

Products to easily power high-quality online video experiences to your viewers

“When we discovered THEOlive, it was an ideal match—not just technologically for ultra-low latency, but also in terms of scalability. It leverages the existing CDN infrastructure that HLS has sat on for many years. It’s reliable and tested. We view it as the future of streaming and consider this our investment in video technology, aiming to boost sportsbooks customer experience for each game.”
“Since making the shift to THEOlive, our partnership with THEO has been nothing short of fruitful! It was not only easy to integrate, but it also brought us extra value as we can now reach more viewers, and provide them with a better quality of experience at the same time. Also, the support we got from the THEO team was excellent!”
“My favorite thing about THEOlive is that it’s very fast, effectively addressing our organizational challenges. It not only gives us a lot more control on the configurations but also provides comprehensive real-time viewer metrics including concurrent users, and the users’ platforms and operating systems.”
“THEOlive makes it easy for us to create high-quality interactive experiences for CoupleTV. We’re focused on launching season 4 of Couple TV Love Made Live, and further adding production capabilities and interactivity features to our platform; and we know we can rely on THEOlive for high-quality real-time streaming to support us in our further growth.”
“Compared with some other low latency solutions on the market, THEOlive was the most robust, best quality, well-developed, and most well-documented solution. Professionalism is what we like most about THEOlive.”

High efficiency streaming resources

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