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Easily deploy premium video in your OTT app cross-platform on web, Tizen, webOS, Hisense, Vizio, Xbox, Android, Android TV, FireTV, iOS and tvOS with the most advanced React Native video player on the market today. 

React Native video player

Build once, deploy many

Accelerate the go live of your app with the THEOplayer react-native-video player.

React Native integrations visual updared

High quality of experience

Bring a premium viewer quality of experience to your react-native video.

High performance

Improved stability & reliability compared to open source react-native video players.

Low latency

Deliver live content with low latency playback through LL-HLS, LL-DASH and HESP.

Experienced support team

Backed by a team of video experts to assist with customizations and optimizations.

Easily monetize, protect and monitor your

React Native video content

Fast time-to-market through connectors that reduce integration efforts. Built and maintained by THEO!

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Benefits of a commercial React Native video player vs DIY with open source

Willem De Saegher, Tom Van Laerhoven and William Van Haevre shared their experience on: 

  • The benefits of using a React Native video player.
  • Implementing the react-native-video open source library for a leading media & entertainment company.
  • Developing the THEOplayer React Native bridges for Web, Android and iOS.
  • Comparison between the two approaches: THEOplayer advanced React Native video player vs open source react-native video player.
  • How to choose the right approach for your use case.
Willem De Saegher
VP Global
Tom Van Laerhoven
Core Playback
William Van Haevre
React Native video player features

Extensive features

THEOplayer React Native video player offers extensive features to optimize your viewer experience and maximize overall reach. 



Cast and control playback fast and smoothly on smart and connected TV using Chromecast and Airplay capabilities.



Support for WebVTT, TTML (SMPTE-TT, DFXP, IMSC, ...) SRT and CEA-608/708 captions, allowing to smoothly switch between languages.



Show a quick snapshot of the video content when hovering over the seek bar, allowing your viewers to scan your content for the scene that they want.



Deliver your content and let your customers enjoy the video in their preferred language by offering multiple language options - both for on-demand and for live streaming.


Offline playback

Make it possible to store the video content on the user's device, so that they can watch it when not connected.



Keep your viewers hooked to your video while they read accompanied text or interact with others sites or applications.

Save time and money

Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce effort needed for initial development and maintenance through the THEOplayer React Native video player.

Discover in this blog article how you'll save time and money by leveraging THEOplayer React Native support compared to DIY with open source react-native-video.


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“THEOplayer has done a great job seamlessly making their React Native SDK feel like a battle-tested React Native standard library. The performance of their player also exceeded our expectations, even when playing in development mode and on lesser hardware, common amongst TVs”

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