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Take full control of your video player UI cross-platform

Open Video UI

Empower your brand to stand out in the digital landscape with the Open Video UI framework, accelerating time-to-market, reducing costs, and enhancing Quality of Experience.

Customize your video player user interface cross-platform

A comprehensive library of open-source UI components, making it easy to build and customize your video player UI to match your branding style.
2023 IBC - Open Video UI


What to expect


Real-time streaming

Stream real-time to your viewers and create interactive experiences


API-first approach

Get started in minutes via APIs or the management console


Highly scalable

Stream to a virtually unlimited number of viewers

Easily modify every single UI component

The Open Video UI, actively maintained by video experts at THEO, is available on GitHub. You can easily modify it, use your own components, or even contribute changes back to the community.
Open Video UI Full accessibility features

Advanced accessibility features

Compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, the Open Video UI excels in accessibility with strong support for screen readers through semantic HTML and ARIA attributes. THEOplayer offers top-notch closed captions and subtitle support, allowing users to control font size and colors. We ensure compatibility with various input methods - keyboard, mouse, touch, and TV remotes. Rigorous testing across browsers and devices guarantees a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

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Open Video UI: Take full control of your video player UI cross-platform

Learn how you can create your own video player user interface with the Open Video UI. Thomas and Mattias share their experience on:

  • Developing the THEOplayer Open Video UI, a comprehensive suite of pre-built open-source video UI elements.
  • Easily customizing the Open Video UI to your needs.
  • Leveraging the Open Video UI across platforms, including smart TVs
  • Ensuring compatibility with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

FAQ - Open Video UI

Does the Open Video UI require a license?
The Open Video UI is open source, so everyone can access it. It’s specifically developed for THEOplayer though, which requires a commercial license. Contact us if you’d like to give it a try!
Is it possible to add/remove new UI elements during runtime?
Yes, these changes can be reflected in real-time even during runtime. Thanks to web component in JavaScript, everything is just HTML element, and everything automatically updates. For Android, we are using Jetpack Compose, so every time you change the composition, the UI updates too. 
Where can I find more information about the THEOplayer Open Video UI?
More information can be found in GitHub (Web, Android, React Native) and our API documentation.
I’ve built a chromeless UI on top of THEOplayer. Can I re-use the code and still move to the Open Video UI?
Yes, it's possible. If you already have UI components, these can communicate with Open Video UI. However, for a smoother experience, we recommend using only the Open Video UI.

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