MwareTV partners with THEO Technologies to boost viewer Quality of Experience

MwareTV and THEO Technologies partnership

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 11th September 2023 - MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant TV platform provider, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with THEO Technologies. This partnership empowers MwareTV to integrate THEOplayer into their TV platform, delivering top …

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Decoding the decoders: THEOplayer Android SDK decoder selection extension

Today, most streaming services are supporting more than 10 platforms with close to the same number of apps in different stores. Supporting all these platforms is a hygiene factor. It just has to work. Large streaming providers such as Netflix, Youtube, Peacock and Twitch are setting t …

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How live dealer casino games can achieve real-time streaming without sacrificing quality and stability for their players

The iGaming industry relies on real-time streaming to enhance player-dealer interaction and increase profits for live dealer casino game providers. However, achieving this low latency can come at a cost to video quality, stability or scalability. Players are more demanding than ever, …

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Amino Technologies and THEO Technologies Join Forces to Deliver Ultra-Low Latency Live Video Streaming with Amino H200 and THEOlive

InfoComm Show 2023, Orlando, Jun. 14, 2023 - Amino, a leading provider of enterprise video and digital signage solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with THEO Technologies to deliver an end-to-end sub-second latency live video streaming solution. The collaboration combines …

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Product Update: New THEOlive Features to Further Customize your Real-Time Streaming Needs

THEOlive Product Update

This week, we are excited to announce the release of new features for THEOlive - the video API for high-quality real-time streaming at scale for sportsbooks, iGaming and interactive entertainment. These 4 new updates provide more flexibility, convenience and customization options.

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The VP9 Breakthrough: VP9 Support Now Possible on Apple Devices and All Major Platforms

Over the past week, during my early mornings at NAB, I’ve been exploring the potential of running the VP9 codec on all platforms. Despite my sleep-deprived, jet-lagged state, I’ve discovered some exciting news: it's now possible to use VP9 everywhere, making it possible to thank H.264 …

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iGameMedia and THEO Technologies partner to launch ultra low latency streaming solution with Bet365

Leuven, Belgium – April 19, 2023 – iGameMedia, the leading sports broadcaster with an extensive history in B2B ultra-low latency, is proud to announce a new multi-year partnership with THEO Technologies to deliver ultra-low latency sports streaming to the sportsbook market as standard …

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THEOplayer 5.0 is here!

We're excited to announce that THEOplayer 5.0 is now available! This new version marks the official rollout of all the developments and improvements we've accomplished over the past few months.

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Introducing ready-made DRM integrations for the THEOplayer React Native SDK

React Native makes it possible for developers to build mobile and smart TV apps using just JavaScript, without the need for knowledge of native platforms. However, when it comes to video playback, many media and entertainment companies still face challenges in implementing premium fea …

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Introducing Picture-in-Picture for the THEOplayer React Native SDK!

Background on React Native and THEOplayer React Native allows you to develop fully in Javascript, without having to learn or have previous experience with native platforms. That being said, when porting your video pipeline cross-platform with React Native, many media & entertainme …

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