Agama and THEO expand partnership to deliver best video streaming experience for Telenor

Linköping, Sweden, 18th December 2023 – Agama Technologies (“Agama”), a specialist in video observability and analytics for service quality and customer experience and THEO Technologies (“THEO”), a provider of video playback and real-time streaming technology, today announced an expanded partnership to deliver best-in-class video streaming experiences cross-platform, on web, mobile, smart TVs, and more.

Agama THEO Telenor

This solution combines THEO’s video playback technology – THEOplayer – and Agama’s video observability and analytics platform, allowing customers to gain insights and analyze the performance of their video streaming services in real-time, as well as quickly and efficiently identify and resolve any issues.

Telenor has been offering TV services for more than two decades using set-top boxes. As customer behavior changes, so does the TV offering, and supporting delivery to SmartTVs, the web, mobiles and tablets is now equally important. Telenor has expanded its Agama integrations to these devices in order to retain the same quality control using the same tools and processes for both the Operations team and Customer Service.

With the integrations in place the Operations team can get an understanding of the user experience across devices and make informed decissions when optimizating or troubleshooting the TV service. The Customer Care team can get better insights into the customer’s problems in order to help them on the first contact or, if needed, escalate to the right team. 

”As Telenor stream becomes available in more devices, it is of the highest importance to ensure that quality of service is not compromised. Being able to have Agama in any new app we release together with THEOplayer ensures we can support any customer from the start in case they need to call us,” said Marielle Lind, Technical Architect at Telenor.

A key advantage of Agama's video observability solution is its ability to be integrated with multiple video streaming technologies, such as THEOplayer. Agama's solutions track video stream startup, buffering, bitrate, and video quality, as well as customer experience metrics such as abandoned streams and average watch time. 

With the preintegration between Agama and THEOplayer in place, adding observability tools to the new platforms was smooth and enabled real-time insights when rolling out the services to end users. Providing a good understanding of user experience on all the devices that can be used to watch video with the TelenorSE applications.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with THEO, as their video playback technology is essential to providing our customers with the best viewing experience,” said Johan Görsjö, Product & Engineering Director at Agama. “By combining our two technologies, we ensure high-quality video streaming experience across a wide range of connected devices.”

“Viewer expectations for superior streaming quality have surged, and we are hence thrilled to partner with Agama, frontrunners in video observability," said Steven Tielemans, CEO at THEO. "As THEOplayer facilitates seamless deployment of premium video playback cross-platform, Agama provides invaluable insights for OTT video services to optimize video operations throughout the workflow. Together, our solution empowers media, entertainment, and sports companies to deliver the quality of experience that today’s viewers demand."  

About THEO Technologies 

At THEO Technologies, we are shaping the future of entertainment by providing high-quality video streaming technology. Our mission is to simplify video operations, empowering developers to easily integrate high- quality video into their applications.

THEOplayer makes it easy to deploy premium video playback experiences cross-platform, saving time and money for media companies deploying video in their OTT app. With THEOlive, we deliver high-quality real-time streaming at scale, elevating viewer engagement and maximizing ROI for sportsbooks, iGaming and interactive entertainment.
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About Agama

Agama Technologies helps operators to implement a data-driven way of working to assure optimal service quality, improve operational efficiency and increase customer understanding.  Founded in 2004, Agama works with more than 100 different service providers, network operators and broadcasters around the world. Agama’s industry-leading solution for real-time monitoring, assurance and analytics of video service quality and customer experience, empowers operations, product management, marketing and customer facing teams. 
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