Low latency live streaming

Whether you’re looking for live streaming latencies on par with broadcast, to avoid spoiler effects from social media or neighbors, or if you’d like to stream real-time, and create interactive experiences, we got you covered!

We're a frontrunner in low latency video playback

As the leader in low latency video playback, THEOplayer supports low latency industry standards including Low Latency DASH (LL-DASH), Low Latency HLS (LL-HLS) and the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP).



-Made available by MPEG-DASH since 2018
-End-to-end latencies of 2-5s
-Support for web, mobile and Smart TV platforms



-Made available by Apple since 2019
-End-to-end latencies of 3-7s
-Full cross-platform support including Apple devices



-Made available by HESP Alliance since 2020
-End-to-end latencies of 0.5s-3s
-Full cross-platform support including Apple devices

THEOplayer Platform Support

Test your low latency streams with THEOplayer

We have been working with many world-leading packaging and CDN vendors to ensure optimal interoperability and playback quality with THEOplayer's low latency implementations.

Check our test page to see THEOplayer in action with your LL-DASH or LL-HLS streams.

Real-time streaming at scale with THEOlive

THEOlive is a real-time video API at scale based on the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), which brings the video infrastructure of large media companies to any developer so that they can easily embed live video at any scale in their applications.

Sub-second latency

Stream real-time to your viewers and create interactive experiences.

API-first approach

Get started in minutes via APIs or the management console.

Highly scalable

Stream to a virtually unlimited number of viewers

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