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High-quality real-time video at scale for providers of sports betting, iGaming and interactive entertainment

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Real-time streaming

Stream real-time to your viewers and create interactive experiences


API-first approach

Get started in minutes via APIs or the management console


Highly scalable

Stream to a virtually unlimited number of viewers

The complete solution for all your real-time streaming needs

Sub-second latency

Stream real-time to your viewers and create interactive experiences.

API-first approach

Get started in minutes via APIs or the management console.

Highly scalable

Stream to a virtually unlimited number of viewers.

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Designed for developers

The world's most powerful and easy-to-integrate APIs for real-time video streaming. 

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Get clear and powerful insights in how our APIs work. Visit our documentation archive to view how easy it is to use.

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Protect your sub-second latency streams with DRM

There is no need to compromise on security for real-time streaming! THEOlive can be configured to include studio approved DRM-protection on the fly ensuring secure sub-second latency streaming to any audience size.

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Industry-wide recognition

THEOlive wins CSI Award for Best Live OTT Technology or Service

"The combination THEOlive with RemoteMeeting.fr is the best option on the market to scale up smoothly and safely to a large live audience. By using THEOlive to host virtual corporate events from hundreds to several thousands of viewers makes our client live again, even if they are not physically together. Our team is so happy to rely on a robust solution that is easy to configure and to use. The main benefit goes to our customers that are extremely satisfied with the experience and the level of interaction they get with their audience.”
“Since making the shift to THEOlive, our partnership with THEO has been nothing short of fruitful! It was not only easy to integrate, but it also brought us extra value as we can now reach more viewers, and provide them with a better quality of experience at the same time. Also, the support we got from the THEO team was excellent!”
“THEOlive makes it easy for us to create high-quality interactive experiences for CoupleTV. We’re focused on launching season 4 of Couple TV Love Made Live, and further adding production capabilities and interactivity features to our platform; and we know we can rely on THEOlive for high-quality real-time streaming to support us in our further growth.”
“Compared with some other low latency solutions on the market, THEOlive was the most robust, best quality, well-developed, and most well-documented solution. Professionalism is what we like most about THEOlive.”

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    Global infrastructure

    For companies around the world, THEOlive makes it easy to deliver high-quality real-time streaming experiences, wherever your viewers are.

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    Monetise your real-time video streaming

    Increase your revenue by scheduling ads before your live stream. Thanks to the integration of Google IMA with THEOlive, you can now effortlessly incorporate pre-roll ads.


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