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Cross-platform playback

Superior playback performance across all platforms, whether your viewers use web, mobile, set-top boxes, casting devices, Smart TVs or gaming consoles.

Best-in-class playback on every platform

Viewers want the best possible online viewing experience, everywhere.

Platform Support

Maximize your video player investment

Save time and money through leveraging THEOplayer as cross-platform video player.
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Develop once, deploy many

Easily integrate THEOplayer into your React Native apps.

The THEOplayer React Native SDK is a high-performant solution that integrates seamlessly into any React Native project on web, Tizen, webOS, Android, Android TV, FireTV, iOS, tvOS and Xbox. Move fast, expand and maintain your React Native projects cross-platform.

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THEOplayer SDKs

5 highly optimized video playback SDKs power a world-class playback experience on all platforms.

Cross-platform playback resources

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