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The State of Cross-Platform Video Playback 2024

Trends and challenges for media & entertainment companies deploying premium video experiences cross-platform

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What is this market research about?

We've put together this report to give you the full scoop about cross-platform video playback. We're diving deep into the nitty-gritty – talking challenges, opportunities, and highlighting the best practices. How did we do it? Well, we've had over 50 heart-to-heart chats with the big players in media and entertainment. They shared insights on their video playback strategies, and now we're sharing it with you.

2024 Key trends:

  • Cross-platform is table stakes: In the evolving streaming landscape, cross-platform video playback has become an essential requirement. However, ensuring compatibility across a multitude of devices presents significant complexities.
  • Viewer quality expectations are sky-high: Expectations for superior quality have grown exponentially. Whereas 4K has been de-prioritized, the emphasis has shifted to aspects like startup time and flawless ad transitions.
  • Focus on profitability: Considerable attention is given to upgrading streaming codecs to reduce cost, and increasing revenues through ad-supported models like FAST and AVOD, shifting focus to ad insertion optimizations.



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We acknowledge that progress in video playback technology thrives on collaboration, not isolation. With this in mind, whether you’re a video engineer, developer, product manager, or C-level business leader, this report will furnish you with insights to drive your business growth and effectively navigate the complexities in cross-platform video playback.
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