Video streaming for smart TV

Our lightweight player is optimized to deliver top-notch viewing experiences across a variety of smart TV models and devices.

Best-in-class playback on smart TVs

Bring a consistent and high-quality viewer experience across smart and connected TV platforms.

      Full support of the newest and all legacy TV platforms

      We tirelessly test a wide range of Smart TV devices and operating system versions, from the latest releases to older models like Tizen 2.3 and webOS 3.0, ensuring a consistent and high-performance viewer experience.


      Smart TV versions


      Smart TV tests

      Seamless ad experiences

      Boost ad revenue and viewer Quality of Experience thanks to a seamless experience for advertisements, whether client-side or server-side.

      Discover how we have optimized SSAI on smart TVs with AWS MediaTailor


      Out-of-the box integrations

      Accelerate your time-to-market thanks to open-source connectors with major DRM, advertising and analytics solutions

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      Unmatched React Native support

      Seamlessly port your video pipeline to smart TVs with the market’s leading React Native video playback solution

      • Extensive platform support including web-based smart TVs
      • Premium features, including a React Native UI
      • Ready-made connectors for DRM, ads and analytics solutions

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