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Products to easily power high-quality online video experiences to your viewers

N°1 video playback on smart TVs

Enhance the connected TV experience with our lightweight, high-performance video playback solution, optimized for seamless advertisement experiences.

Extensive device coverage

Empower any smart TV to deliver a flawless viewer experience. We got you covered, regardless of the model or operating system.

Ready-made integrations

Accelerate your time-to-market thanks to open-source connectors with major DRM, advertising and analytics solutions

Seamless ad transitions

Boost ad revenue and viewer Quality of Experience thanks to a smooth experience for advertisements, whether client-side or server-side.

Low latency live streaming

Maximize viewer engagement, boost ROI, prevent spoilers, and enable interactive experiences thanks to our low latency live streaming solutions.

Seamless playback

Bring the same high-quality video playback to your viewers at low latency, whether you are looking for latencies on par with broadcast, or if you want to stream at sub-second latency.

Extensive feature set

Reducing your latency does not mean reducing your features. Leverage the full power of THEOplayer with all features in low latency mode. 

In-sync delivery

Deliver viewer experiences over OTT synchronized with broadcast, to avoid spoiler effects, independent of the device your neighbors are using.

Interactive viewer experience

Do you have a real need for speed? Create high-quality real-time video streaming experiences easily, whether it’s for sports betting, iGaming, online auctions, or other interactive use cases.

React Native integrations visual updared-1

N°1 React Native video player

Accelerate your-time to-market and reduce maintenance effort thanks to the most advanced React Native video player on the market. Effortlessly port your video pipeline cross-platform with React Native, including to web-based smart TVs.


Case Study: How the NFL Delivers a Great Video Experience


Monday, April 15   |   2:45 PM - 3:15 PM PST

NAB Show - Streaming Summit
Las Vegas Convention Center, W108-W109


How the NFL Delivers a Great Video Experience

"We wanted a video player partner whose core focus is on the player and all the technology around that. This way we can focus on the things that are core to us, like creating the best home of football and the best fan experience."

speaker 1-1Michael Blanchard - Director of Platform Engineering at NFL


NASCAR Selects THEOplayer for Premium Cross-Platform Video Playback Experiences

"THEOplayer has excellent cross-platform compatibility. Knowing that we would get a better React Native integration with vendors through THEO was the main reason for our switch. I trust your expertise in video delivery and really appreciate the THEO innovations to further enhance viewer Quality of Experience. It’s a relief for our team to rely on THEO for these improvements without having to worry about it ourselves."

PatrickPatrick Carroll - Managing Director of Technologies at NASCAR


Transforming Viewer Experience and Driving Sports Betting ROI with Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming

“My favorite thing about THEOlive is that it’s very fast, effectively addressing our organizational challenges. It not only gives us a lot more control on the configurations but also provides comprehensive real-time viewer metrics including concurrent users, and the users’ platforms and operating systems.”

cropped_image (4)Dennis Dovale -  Head of Broadcast & Media Technology at Tabcorp 


BBC Maestro partners with THEOplayer to deliver premium e-learning experience

“THEOplayer immediately looked like a much better solution and just stood out a mile above everything else that we came across. After discussions with the THEO team, we were confident that they were the right technical partner for us. Their approach aligned with our own work style, and because they are so knowledgeable about video for React Native, we have been able to entrust such a critical feature to their expert care.”

Lily roundLily Smith - Chief Product Officer at BBC Maestro


How Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming Boosts Sportsbook ROI

“When we discovered THEOlive, it was an ideal match—not just technologically for ultra-low latency, but also in terms of scalability. It leverages the existing CDN infrastructure that HLS has sat on for many years. It’s reliable and tested. We view it as the future of streaming and consider this our investment in video technology, aiming to boost sportsbooks customer experience for each game.”

cropped_image (8)Chris Cousin - Commercial Director at iGameMedia



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