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Innovations in Low Latency Live Streaming

In April 2022 THEO Technologies exhibited at NAB in Las Vegas. We showcased both our flagship product THEOplayer and our brand new streaming solution THEOlive. Our co-founder and CTO Pieter-Jan Speelmans went on stage to talk about the innovations in low latency live streaming.

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Game-changing innovations and future trends in the TV industry

Moderator Will Garside kicks this panel debate off by saying that innovation is the life blood of our industry, and we couldn't agree more. Hyperpersonalization is a topic that our panel brings up, and we're definitely not the first ones to mention that AI will transform which video c …

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THEO, Wowza & Fastly Present a Low-Latency HLS Solution

THEO Technologies and EZDRM partner to offer DRM-protected ultra-low latency video for Sportsbooks and iGaming providers

Since its release by Apple to combat scaling issues in 2009, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), has become one of the most popular and widely supported streaming protocols today. Throughout the last decade we have seen the market change and the demand for lower latencies is higher than ever. …

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Twenty to Follow in 2020

Who to follow - Thumbnail

The video industry landscape is continuously evolving and innovating, and it’s important to keep up with the latest happenings. THEO Technologies has a monthly newsletter to keep subscribers informed about our latest content releases, innovations, developments and blog posts. As a hol …

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Low Latency HLS - LHLS


Within our series of articles explaining the needs for, and ways to achieve low latency, we already discussed Chunked CMAF, a very promising technique which is actively being standardised and implemented by the industry at publication of this article. There are however alternatives wh …

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Low Latency with Chunked CMAF


In the first part of this content series we discussed latency: what it is and why it is important, and we gave a general overview of the current industry approaches. As media companies are on a quest to lower their latency to only a few seconds (or even lower), we will dedicate some s …

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THEO Technologies & SD Worx win HR Excellence Award for Flex Income Plan (FIP)

THEO Technologies & SD Worx win HR Excellence Award for Flex Income Plan (FIP)

Antwerp, 17 November 2017 – THEO Technologies & Belgian’s leading HR service provider SD Worx received the award for Best Employee Benefits, Compensation and Rewards Company at the annual HR Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate HR companies that provide innovative services and …

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What is AV1? Past, Present & Future


Quality Video for the 21st Century – H.264 & H.265 Video codecs serve one key task: reducing the byte size of videos without drastically degrading their quality. Byte size is one of the most important characteristics when delivering video online, both from a costs perspective, wit …

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Another Deloitte Rising Star Award Nomination for THEOplayer

THEOplayer nominee to Deloitte's award

Deloitte just announced that THEOplayer is once again nominated in the Rising Star category of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 competition. Ten select Belgium tech companies, including THEOplayer, will vie for two awards in this category: Most Disruptive Innovator and Rising Star. The …

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THEOplayer nominated for the Deloitte Rising Star Award

THEOplayer nominee to Deloitte's award 2015

Deloitte announced that THEOplayer is one of the technology startups that has been nominated in the Rising Star category of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 competition. There are two awards in the Rising Star category: Most Disruptive Innovator and Rising Star. The winners will be anno …

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