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Innovations in Low Latency Live Streaming

In April 2022 THEO Technologies exhibited at NAB in Las Vegas. We showcased both our flagship product THEOplayer and our brand new streaming solution THEOlive. Our co-founder and CTO Pieter-Jan Speelmans went on stage to talk about the innovations in low latency live streaming.

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Game-changing innovations and future trends in the TV industry

Moderator Will Garside kicks this panel debate off by saying that innovation is the life blood of our industry, and we couldn't agree more. Hyperpersonalization is a topic that our panel brings up, and we're definitely not the first ones to mention that AI will transform which video c …

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NAB Las Vegas. This is what you should not miss


NAB Las Vegas is just a few weeks away and this year THEOplayer will be exhibiting as World’s Best Online Video Player / SDK of 2017. Over the last year, we focused our efforts to build new features within our video player, which have been designed to deliver the most consistent and t …

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THEOplayer will demo its technology at NAB 2015, Las Vegas


THEOplayer's unique technology allows live and on-demand content to be streamed using adaptive HTTP-based protocols such as Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), or the MPEG-DASH protocol directly to HTML5 browsers. The THEOplayer playback technology enables content publishers to use a s …

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