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THEOplayer now supports AV1 on Chrome


THEOplayer now supports AV1 on Chrome 69 Beta. The latest version of Google’s browser was released on August 2 with AV1 decode. Although the support is still in early form, AV1 video playback is now possible thanks to AV1 V1.0 being firmed up. Hooray Your Browser Supports AV1 Good new …

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Monetise your content with THEOplayer and Google DFP DAI pre-integration


At a time when the popularity of online video surges, so do online video ads. Advertisers found in video a new source of monetisation. But in parallel with an increasing amount of video ads, more and more ad blockers get installed. In a previous article we already discussed the curren …

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Casting with Chromecast made easy with THEOplayer


Why is Google Chromecast so popular with users and how can we work with it to optimize the viewer’s quality experience? In this blog post you will learn about the success of Chromecast, its key concerns while casting your content, and how THEOplayer can help you to offer an optimized …

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Will Your Video Player Still Work in December?

Your player could stop

In less than 1 month, on the 6th of December, Google will be releasing Chrome 55. From this version onward, continuing their way towards a more performant and secure web experience, the Chrome browser will block Flash content by default. From users' perspective, if you value things li …

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