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Optimise your video delivery costs with THEOplayer Network API


Did you know that a 7 seconds video start-up time can result in 50 percent of your audience giving up on playing the video? According to Akamai’s report, the most important factor for streaming services success is, in fact, start-up time, which is the gap between when the viewer hits …

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What is AV1? Past, Present & Future


Quality Video for the 21st Century – H.264 & H.265 Video codecs serve one key task: reducing the byte size of videos without drastically degrading their quality. Byte size is one of the most important characteristics when delivering video online, both from a costs perspective, wit …

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Reduce buffering with a faster adaptive bitrate

55% of people watch their favorite movie or TV show online on tablet, laptop or TV every day. But what if you have to leave your comfy couch at home? The movie or show is not yet finished and you decide to continue watching on your mobile device on your way to town. We all know what c …

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