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THEOplayer 1.6 - Multiple Audio Support, Frame Accurate Clipping And A Lot More

New features by THEOplayer

The 1.6 version of THEOplayer, now fully HTML5 based, has become even more robust, leaner, quicker and guarantees video publishers an even smoother playback for live and on-demand video. This version contains an extensive list of features that video publishers can us to create more co …

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Frame-Accurate Clipping in HLS: Share Your Best Moments

Find the best moments with THEOplayer's frame seeking tool

People love watching videos, but sometimes they don't have the time to watch a long video. They are looking for a quick answer from a how-to video, or want to watch the key points from a long presentation. People don't want to spend time finding the interesting bit: they just want to …

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