The Retirement of VPAID: What it Means for the Future of Online Advertising

The introductions of new online technologies have changed the landscape for advertisements and how they are used and viewed. This has resulted in new levels of interaction between brands and consumers. In advertising, the increased visibility, reach and position benefits stakeholders, …

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The Impact of Apple's Update of LL-HLS: Removing HTTP/2 Push Requirements

Last Friday Apple announced an update of their Low Latency HLS specification. In the new update, Apple is stepping away from the HTTP/2 push requirement stated in earlier specifications and seems to be moving closer to the community version of LHLS. In the overview below we will go th …

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Accessibility with THEOplayer

Accessibility - Thumbnail

Integrating accessibility features on the web is crucial to accommodating viewers with limitations, optimise the general viewer experience and maximise overall reach. The basis of video accessibility means that viewers with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and engage w …

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