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THEO Launches Resources

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THEO's Resources is a collection of video-related content for those keen to learn more about all things video. The content is suitable for beginners to industry professionals, with insights into the latest industry topics and developments.

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Content Protection for HLS with AES-128 Encryption

With the increase of piracy, protecting media content is one of the key concerns of many publishers. In this article, we will outline the most popular method for content protection with the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol: AES-128 content encryption.

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THEO Technologies announces THEOplayer-DASH

THEOplayer now supports MEPG-DASH

THEOplayer is proud to announce the availability of THEOplayer-DASH, a video player built from the ground up to support the emerging MPEG-DASH standard without the need for plugins like Flash and Silverlight. By extending upon the THEOplayer framework, THEOplayer-DASH brings forward M …

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