What is the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and why does the video industry need it?


The media industry is constantly pushing to innovate in order to improve viewer experience in an attempt to attract and tie customers to their service. This is however hampered by technical hurdles like high- latency, mind boggling video start times and bandwidth constraints. With the …

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ABR, Low Latency CMAF, CTE, and Optimised Video Playback

THEO Technologies and EZDRM partner to offer DRM-protected ultra-low latency video for Sportsbooks and iGaming providers

Demand for live streaming video is growing, along with consumer aversion to high latency. To enable the delivery of HTTP-based video within nearly 3 seconds, below that of standard IPTV, service providers can look to a proven set of technologies that include multicast ABR, the Common …

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