Reduce buffering with a faster adaptive bitrate

55% of people watch their favorite movie or TV show online on tablet, laptop or TV every day. But what if you have to leave your comfy couch at home? The movie or show is not yet finished and you decide to continue watching on your mobile device on your way to town. We all know what c …

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How to maximize ad revenue with VPAID 2.0 interactive ads

You can optimize your revenue with THEOplayer VPAID 2.0 ads

$9.14 billion. This is the estimated spending on online video advertising in the US alone and the trend for the coming years is certainly increasing. Online video content is attracting more and more mobile views each day. For publishers and advertisers, it becomes more important than …

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THEOplayer and Microsoft Azure Media Services announce collaboration

THEOplayer, a leader in HTML5 streaming technology, and Microsoft Azure Media Services announced their joint innovation in online streaming within the cloud. The partnership allows publishers and broadcasters to benefit from cloud flexibility as well as the easy and seamless streaming …

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THEOplayer at NAB Show 2016, Las Vegas

Meet THEOplayer at Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas! THEOplayer will present the latest features at the NAB Show 2016, April 18-21 in Las Vegas. Take 15 minutes to talk to us at the NAB and we will show you how to change the future of your business in broadcasting and online publishing.

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