Optimizing LL-HLS: How does HESP fare against LL-HLS?

In the previous blog, we’ve covered the 4 key factors affecting the quality of low latency streaming experience when utilising Apple's LL-HLS protocol. Additionally, we have also discussed the importance of GOP size and its impacts on the overall viewing experience and provide 4 recom …

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Operating HESP with low encoding costs

The High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) comes with a lot of advantages. It allows for sub second latency over standard HTTP CDNs (and the cost to scale benefit they bring), with unrivalled channel change times. The high QoE HESP delivers is the result of it’s main difference wit …

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Workaround for the Safari Fairplay regression in iOS and iPadOS 15

What is the problem? As some of you are likely aware of, a regression was introduced in the iOS & iPadOS 15 versions. The issue has an impact upon playback of Fairplay protected streams in Safari. As a result, all video players (including Apple’s own playback support) which attemp …

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