Casting with Chromecast made easy with THEOplayer

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Why is Google Chromecast so popular with users and how can we work with it to optimize the viewer’s quality experience? In this blog post you will learn about the success of Chromecast, its […]

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Content Monetization with Server-Side Ad Insertion

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Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) is one of the most used techniques for monetizing video content. With CSAI, ads are loaded within the video player before they get displayed to the viewer. […]

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Multiscreen Content Monetization with Server-Side Ad Insertion

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The first quarter of 2016 was another record-setting quarter for the online advertising industry, bringing in $15.9 billion and clearly outpacing last year’s Q1 $13.2 billion, according to the IAB […]

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Next-Level Content Monetization With Dynamic Ad Insertion In HTML5

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The Challenges Of Video Advertising Today

In today’s market, broadcasters, operators and online publishers are dealing with numerous challenges when it comes to content monetization. As owners […]

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How to maximize ad revenue with VPAID 2.0 interactive ads

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$9.14 billion. This is the estimated spending on online video advertising  in the US alone and the trend for the coming years is certainly increasing. Online video content is attracting more and […]

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