Will Your Video Player Still Work in December?

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In less than 1 month, on the 6th of December, Google will be releasing Chrome 55.

From this version onwards, continuing their way towards a more performant and secure web experience, the Chrome […]

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3 Reasons to Switch Now to Plugin-Free Streaming In HTML5

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To ensure consistent playback on all devices and platforms, many online video providers still rely on plugins such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight – but the concerns over security with […]

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The Case of Adobe’s next Zero-Day Flash Vulnerability

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It’s not a secret that Adobe Flash Player has recently seen some serious flaws and vulnerabilities affecting your devices. Another critical zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-4117) came to light […]

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Yet another Adobe Flash Exploit

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Yesterday, 14 October 2015, antivirus company Trend Micro notified the world of yet another Flash exploit that is being used in the wild. This is the next in a series of security flaws in Adobe […]

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BBC embraces HTML5 for its iPlayer

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It is always news if the BBC introduces something new, as they are known to be a first mover in the market. Their iPlayer has been an example to a lot of other broadcasters, being one of the most […]

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Adobe Flash for video streaming? It is time to move on!

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With the recent Hacking Team hack, during which at least two 0-day Adobe Flash exploits have been released in the wild, trust in Adobe Flash is at an all-time low. Two 0-day exploits got released […]

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THEOplayer Discusses Replacing Flash by HTML5 for Video Streaming at Streaming Media East 2015

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THEOplayer, today announced that founder and HTML5 video streaming expert, Pieter-Jan Speelmans, has been selected to join industry experts to discuss the business and technology replacing Flash […]

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