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Will Your Video Player Still Work in December?

Your player could stop

In less than 1 month, on the 6th of December, Google will be releasing Chrome 55. From this version onward, continuing their way towards a more performant and secure web experience, the Chrome browser will block Flash content by default. From users' perspective, if you value things li …

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3 Reasons to Switch Now to Plugin-Free Streaming In HTML5

To ensure consistent playback on all devices and platforms, many online video providers still rely on plugins such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight – but the concerns over security with using plugins are well known.

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The Case of Adobe’s next Zero-Day Flash Vulnerability

It’s not a secret that Adobe Flash Player has recently seen some serious flaws and vulnerabilities affecting your devices. Another critical zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-4117) came to light this week. Adobe confirms in its security advisory that “successful exploitation could cause …

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Yet another Adobe Flash Exploit

Flash has been attacked

Yesterday, 14 October 2015, antivirus company Trend Micro notified the world of yet another Flash exploit that is being used in the wild. This is the next in a series of security flaws in Adobe Flash that gets covered by the media after the Hacking Team hack earlier this year.

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BBC embraces HTML5 for its iPlayer

It is always news if the BBC introduces something new, as they are known to be a first mover in the market. Their iPlayer has been an example to a lot of other broadcasters, being one of the most prominent online platforms to use Flash.

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Adobe Flash for video streaming? It is time to move on!

With the recent Hacking Team hack, during which at least two 0-day Adobe Flash exploits have been released in the wild, trust in Adobe Flash is at an all-time low. Two 0-day exploits got released in the wild, but the question remains how many more are still left uncovered and availabl …

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THEOplayer Discusses Replacing Flash by HTML5 for Video Streaming at Streaming Media East 2015

THEOplayer at Streaming Media East 2015

THEOplayer, today announced that founder and HTML5 video streaming expert, Pieter-Jan Speelmans, has been selected to join industry experts to discuss the business and technology replacing Flash by HTML5 for video streaming at Streaming Media East 2015, set to take place May 12-13, 20 …

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