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ABR para un uso más eficiente del ancho de banda [Spanish]

BitRate indica la velocidad a la que se entrega el contenido de video (o cualquier otro dato). Representa la cantidad de bits por segundo que se transmiten digitalmente a través de una red. La velocidad de la tasa de bits también puede determinar el costo de entrega. En un contexto de …

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[PRESS RELEASE] THEO Technologies and Synamedia form HESP Alliance

THEO Technologies and Synamedia form HESP Alliance to accelerate the roll-out of sub-second latency, bandwidth-efficient streaming solutions.

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High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP): Reducing Bandwidth Consumption by up to 20%

We are streaming more and higher quality video. Overall, time spent in viewing streaming video has increased rapidly to between 60 and 100 minutes per person per day in 2019. Also, video quality is going up as we are increasingly streaming HD and 4K content. Hence, bandwidth is an eve …

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High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP): Bringing Instant Start-Up, Zapping and Seeking to Online Video

A recognizable issue with online video streaming is the frequency of loading spinners and its impact on viewer engagement. Slow zapping – the switching between linear channels – and slow seeking is causing abandonment and preventing mass adoption of OTT delivery instead of traditional …

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High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP): Delivering the Sub-Second Latency Online Viewers Expect

Live streamed events are generally delayed by 30 seconds or more compared to the traditional broadcast feed. This results in a spoiler effect during sports events, when you hear neighbors cheer for an action you haven’t seen yet, or when you already see commentary on social media befo …

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ABR for More Efficient Bandwidth Usage

Bitrate indicates the speed at which video content (or any other data) is delivered. It represents the amount of bits per second that are transmitted digitally across a network. The speed of the bitrate can also determine the cost of delivery. In a video context higher bitrate usually …

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