THEO Technologies announces THEOplayer-DASH

MPEG-DASH logoTHEOplayer is proud to announce the availability of THEOplayer-DASH, a video player built from the ground up to support the emerging MPEG-DASH standard without the need for plugins like Flash and Silverlight. By extending upon the THEOplayer framework, THEOplayer-DASH brings forward MPEG-DASH support for both VOD and Live content to a wide range of HTML5 platforms and devices.

Various features of THEOplayer, the worlds most comprehensive cross platform HLS HTML5 video player, have already been incorporated in THEOplayer-DASH, including the rich JavaScript API and the ability to customize the players look and feel by only using HTML5 and CSS.

Digital Rights Management - DRM

THEOplayer-DASH has build in support for a series of standard DRM systems and DRM providers including Widevine and PlayReady with the Common Encryption Scheme (CENC) as well as managed DRM solutions like Vualto's vudrm.

Widevine is a DRM technology mainly supported by the Google Chrome web browser. By supporting this DRM system in THEOplayer-DASH protected content can be easily delivered to and played in Google Chrome on both Windows and OS X as well as on mobile devices running Android.

PlayReady is a DRM technology developed and licensed by Microsoft which is mainly supported by their modern browsers. With the support for this DRM system, THEOplayer-DASH can be used to deliver DRM protected content to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone as well as the new Edge browsers on the recently released Windows 10.

The ISO Common Encryption Scheme (CENC) standard specifies the ways in which DRM systems need to handle encryption of their content as well as the key handling methods that can be utilized by DRM systems in order to decrypt this content. When content gets DRM protected in CENC with both Widevine and PlayReady, the same content can be encoded and DRM protected once and played on all the above mentioned devices.

THEOplayer also has build in support for vudrm, a managed DRM solution provided by one of our long time partners Vualto. Vualto's vudrm delivers a DRM solutions for HTML5 platforms and allows DRM protected studio content to be played in HTML5 environments, completely removing the need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight.

Supported Platforms Overview

Platform & Device Supported DRM
Chrome on Windows, OS X or Android Clear playback, Widevine
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone Clear playback, PlayReady
Edge on Windows 10 Clear playback, PlayReady
Safari on OS X Clear playback

Summarising, THEOplayer-DASH can be utilized to reach your clients on a wide range of platforms (Chrome, SafariInternet Explorer 11 & Edge) and devices (AndroidWindows Phone) both with and without DRM (Widevine & PlayReady) while support for other platforms, devices and DRM systems is actively added.

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THEOplayer will present the above mentioned THEOplayer-DASH as well as an array of new features and possibilities of THEOplayer at IBC 2015 - September 11-15 in Amsterdam.

THEOplayer now supports MEPG-DASH

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