Game-changing innovations and future trends in the TV industry

Moderator Will Garside kicks this panel debate off by saying that innovation is the life blood of our industry, and we couldn't agree more. Hyperpersonalization is a topic that our panel brings up, and we're definitely not the first ones to mention that AI will transform which video content we'll consume, and how. The panel also thoroughly discusses the topic of latency and impacted technical features.

These trends are accelerated by COVID, and the user expects more every day. Many media companies will try to win this battle for the viewer's attention, and innovation will be their main weapon. Low latency, AI and personalization will come back in every trend, so we think that all eyes should be on video interactivity. Discover the what and the how in this panel debate.



  • Jorge Fiterre (Founder of Condista)
  • Francesco Moretti (CEO at Fincons Group)
  • Yiannis Andreopoulos (CTO at iSIZE)
  • Dave Ward (CEO at PacketFabric)
  • Pieter-Jan Speelmans (CTO & co-founder at THEO)

Some of the things that are covered:

  • Important TV industry trends in the upcoming 3 - 5 years
  • AI enhancement in the TV industry
  • The necessary technical innovation to fundamentally transform the TV industry
  • The need for streaming platforms to differentiate

This video is the last video from our NAB 2022 series. 
You can also download Pieter-Jan's presentation on the innovations of low latency live streaming.
And here you can find the short interview we gave at Connected Media.

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