Twenty to Follow in 2020

The video industry landscape is continuously evolving and innovating, and it’s important to keep up with the latest happenings. THEO Technologies has a monthly newsletter to keep subscribers informed about our latest content releases, innovations, developments and blog posts.  As a holiday gift to our readers, we have compiled a list of twenty podcasts, blogs and other newsletters to subscribe to in 2020 to stay up-to-date with the latest in the video industry

Podcasts are a great way to stay connected on the go. Here are three podcasts we recommend listening to for interesting insights on the industry.

  1. The Video Insiders: A podcast that dives into the professional world of YouTube and online video with Carlos Pacheco and Tom Martin. Both hosts are video industry experts who chat with producers and online creators about strategies and challenges in the industry. You can find more information and where to listen here.

  2. Demuxed: A podcast hosted by video engineers that is made for video engineers. Tune in for quality technical talks about all things video. Subscribe to the Demuxed podcast here.

  3. The Streaming Wars: These talks cover the latest press releases and tech insights about the video streaming environment. The hosts discuss different streaming services and the future of streaming that is yet to come. Find out where you can listen here.

Subscribing to newsletters or blogs keeps you informed directly from your inbox, so you never miss a thing. Here are our favourites to follow in the coming year for the latest news and insights in the industry.

  1. Advanced Television: Covering all things artificial intelligence, broadcast and broadband, you can register with Advanced Television to receive their two magazines, emails, and blocked articles here.

  2. Broadband TV News: Based in the United Kingdom, Broadband TV News brings you the latest news, analysis and expert comments on the digital delivery of television in Europe and worldwide. They have both a daily and a weekly newsletter to keep you informed as often as you wish. Subscribe to their newsletter here.

  3. BroadcastPro Middle East: BroadcastPro ME focuses on broadcasting technology in the Middle East. You can choose to receive their daily newsletter and tailor the content by industry, so that it is relevant to the subscriber. Check out their subscription options here.

  4. Broadcasting & Cable: B&C covers advertising, streaming and programming, and you can register for either B&C Today to receive television industry-related content and insights, or the Next TV e-newsletter which gives internet video updates. One or both can be delivered right to your inbox by registering here.

  5. CSI Magazine: CSI covers all things content delivery including: broadcast, satellite, IPTV, OTT or hybrid. Their newsletter keeps you informed with the latest news and updates, analysis, and insights. You can subscribe here.

  6. Digital TV Europe: They have daily (DTVE) newsletters, whitepapers, blogs, webinars and interviews on the latest in the online video delivery ecosystem. They write from a European perspective but provide information and analysis for industry relevant content worldwide. Subscribe to their daily newsletter here.

  7. Display Daily: Display Daily from Meko, covers all things related to digital display, such as TVs or large format displays within the European market. Subscribe to their daily newsletter for a new article every day from one of their expert analysts here. 

  8. IBC365: IBC 365 is a community platform from the International Broadcasting Convention, sharing knowledge on global media, entertainment and tech. IBC365 delivers IBC-generated industry insight outside of the IBC Show, so you can stay up to date all year long. Subscribe to IBC365 here.

  9. Multichannel News: They focus on programming, advertising, marketing, finance, technology, broadband, and government activities for global industries. Their insights are targeted at TV and telecommunications organisations. They have two newsletters to choose from based on which info you want to keep up-to-date with. You can subscribe to either one here.

  10. nScreenMedia: nScreenMedia is completely dedicated to OTT delivery across all screens. You can find info on the latest events, interviews, podcasts, industry conferences, and expert analysis here.

  11. OneZero: OneZero is a Medium publication that focuses on the latest tech and science. You can follow to get your favourite topics and authors delivered to your inbox so you never miss a beat. Follow them here.

  12. OSXDaily: OSXDaily ecompasses all things Apple and gives news, relevant info, tips and tricks, and reviews relevant to Apple users. Get the latest straight from Apple experts by subscribing to their newsletter here.

  13. Streaming Media: Dedicated to educating the streaming industry and community. They provide industry relevant news, insights and information for a worldwide audience straight from industry experts. They offer a few different newsletters depending on how frequently you want updated as well as a newsletter specifically for video producers and A/V crews. Check out their newsletters and bulletins here.
  14. Telecompaper: An independent research and publication organisation serving the telecommunications industry with the latest news updates, insights, and reports. Subscribe to their free daily newsletter here.
  15. Television Business International(TBI): Sign up for the TBI Vision alert to get television industry relevant business news and alerts, and the day’s top stories here.

  16. Videonet: Focuses on what’s next for the TV industry with on-demand content, multi-screen video delivery and hybrid approaches to video delivery. Subscribe to their weekly newsletter here.

  17. THEO Technologies: Our monthly newsletter keeps subscribers informed about our latest content releases, innovations, developments and blog posts.

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Are there any others you are following into the new year? We'd love to know. 



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